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Client Profiles

Common Client Categories


As you approach retirement and the peak of your planning, it is critical that you are clear and balanced on the strategies available to get you to a healthy retirement. At GMFG, we have a history of helping clients plan and retire comfortably.

Pre-retirees & Retirees

Business Owners

As a business owner, you have many planning goals and concerns that must be uniquely addressed within the larger context of your industry and lifestyle. Here at GMFG, we can review and implement various advanced strategies within your company or through you individually, to maximize certain benefits while minimizing any risk to you or your key employees.

Business Owners

Successful Families

As a successful family, it is important that you are properly planning and diversifying your assets outside your standard 401k savings through your employer. Integrating your personal planning alongside your employer sponsored retirement plan can help bring your planning to the next level. Tax diversifying your savings is another key and advanced component we should all be looking at.

Successful Families

Foreign Nationals

We live in a global economy which brings great opportunities for successful families and businesses around the world. However, we know that financial affairs, can be complicated for Foreign Nationals. There are many decisions to make, and we have the experience to help you.

Foreign Nationals*

*New York Life Insurance Company is not licensed in your country of primary residence. You should consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding whether your purchase of a New York Life product may subject you to any legal or tax requirements in your country of primary residence. These potential requirements may include: asset transfer controls, restrictions on insurance arrangements with offshore insurers, and the taxability of both your premium remittances and our benefit payments.